Mifu pulls ahead to become market-leading alternative to meat

The interest towards alternatives to meat among Finns is growing at a dizzying rate. Launched last September, Valio MiFU® friable cooking crumb has pulled ahead to become the market leader in the category for products providing an alternative to meat.*

A number of products in this category were introduced to the market in 2016, due to which purchases in the entire category grew by 125%. Almost one-third of Finnish households have tested alternatives to meat – the amount of experimenters has tripled compared to the previous year. The market share of Valio MiFU® cooking crumbs in the category of alternatives to meat is nearly 20%.* After four months on the market, nearly a fifth of Finns has given the cooking crumbs a try.** Families with children, in particular, have discovered Mifu.

“It has been delightful to notice how well Mifu has been received in families with children. They prepare a lot of food at home, and we believe that Mifu has taken its place as an easy main ingredient that provides variety in cooking,” says Business Manager Minna Korkiakangas.

An expanding choice of flavours

Having gotten off to a brisk start, the launch of Valio MiFU® will be followed up with a new flavour in February – the cooking crumb is now coming to the stores with an oriental twist.

Seasoned with Indian spices, such as curry and ginger, Valio MiFU® Indian curry is a fine everyday choice, containing only 3% fat, of which a mere 0.2% is saturated fat. In terms of protein, the cooking crumb's content stands at 14 g per 100 g. Free of lactose, gluten, soy and eggs, Mifu  is made from Finnish milk, and is also suitable for many special diets.

“Professional kitchens have also expressed a lot of interest in this new main ingredient. We are responding to this demand and will therefore bring the Original version of Valio MiFU® cooking crumb to the market in March in a package size suitable for institutional kitchens,” says Korkiakangas.

Mifu takes Sweden, too

Consumers' interest towards alternative main ingredients to meat is also growing robustly in Sweden. Valio is thereby launching the Valio MiFU® cooking crumbs in Sweden in February.

“In Sweden, the market in alternatives to meat differs from the market in Finland. Alternatives are sold more from the freezer, whereas in Finland, fresh alternatives are more popular. We believe that the fresh alternatives to meat will be met with interest in Sweden, and Mifu has sat well in the selections of stores,” says Korkiakangas.

In Sweden, the flavours also familiar in Finland will be introduced under slightly different names – unseasoned, tomato & herbs, and pepper & chilli. The products to be sold in Sweden are made from Finnish milk in Finland.

*Nielsen Homescan, Meat protein alternatives (frozen and fresh products and Mifu + Tofu), purchases by volume, 52 weeks ending on  25 December 2016

** TNS Gallup, Valio MiFU® RV digi-tracking Q4 2016