Responsibilities reorganised in Valio’s Executive Board

Areas of responsibility are being reorganised in Valio’s Executive Board in order to foster expertise in Valio’s core processes.

Executive Vice President Arto Tikkanen is taking over responsibility for Finnish Sales and support functions, Distribution, and Valio’s Swedish subsidiary. Mr Tikkanen will continue to be in charge of the US subsidiary and Valio’s Supply process.

Executive Vice President Annikka Hurme is assuming responsibility for the Cheese, Butter and Powders business and support functions, as well as for Milk Procurement, Farm Services and Industrial Services. Ms Hurme will continue to be responsible for Agricultural and Food Policy, Corporate Communications, and Purchasing.

Adding expertise to processes

Valio’s core processes, the Product Marketing, Supply, and Customer processes, will be strengthened as a result of these changes in top management.

The Supply process will under Executive Vice President Arto Tikkanen benefit from co-operation with Finnish and Swedish Sales. Executive Vice President Annikka Hurme’s customer and consumer expertise will support the Product Marketing process for cheese, butter and powders