Valio – Making the perfect butter, since 1905

The international launch of Valio’s world-class premium artisan butter for consumers is in full swing and the new products are on show at the Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai, February 2017. Valio has over 112 years of experience producing butter and promoting its export.  At the moment, we are selling butter in nearly 30 countries.

Since 1905, Valio’s master butter makers have been creating the perfect butter from their traditional recipe. The time-honored recipe that has been passed down through four generations demands that every drop of cream Valio uses in the making of our butter is of the highest possible quality and purity.

This perfection of taste is entrusted solely to the expertise of Valio’s world-class master craftsmen.  There are no short-cuts in their art and no room for compromise. Each step in the butter making process is conscientiously performed to celebrate the time-honored tradition of Finnish craftsmanship that Valio is famous for.

Chosen by French viennoiserie chefs

Valio butter is the secret ingredient for French professional viennoiserie chefs who use Valio in baking more than any other butter. Valio delivers the best butter in the world, year-round, known in the bakery industry for its superior taste, plasticity and even, smooth consistency.

The secret legacy of Valio butter is now available for everyday use for consumers that value artisan butter made from fresh cream.

Pure fresh butter from untainted Northern nature

The determination to produce the highest quality milk in the European Union combined with uncompromised craftsmanship makes it possible to produce butter that has the smooth creamy taste that real butter should have.

The Northern environment, clean air and water together with our traceable and transparent supply chain give Valio a distinct competitive edge. Valio’s superior quality raw milk originates from Finnish Dairy Co–operative farmers, who are not permitted to use genetically modified ingredients in their dairy production. In fact, all Valio products manufactured in Finland are GMO free.

“Valio butter is a great ambassador for all that Valio produces, no matter if it is premium cheese or healthy products like light spreads or lactose free products” emphasizes Henrik Yli-Seppälä, head of MENA sales.