Valio among the ten most responsible companies in Sweden

“Responsibility Barometer 2015”, conducted by Tony Apéria, assistant professor at Stockholm Business School, lists Sweden's 80 largest and/or most visible companies by their level of social responsibility. Valio placed tenth in the list.

We are extremely proud of the fact that the Swedes have included Valio in the top ten. This shows that our responsible operations have been noticed and are regarded as successful. This gives us strength to carry on down the same path and improve our operations even further", says Sirkku Erlandsson, managing director of Valio Sverige.

Primary production services and owner-entrepreneurs are a vital element of Valio's responsible operations. The entrepreneurs engage in continuous cooperation to ensure optimal fodder, health, farm environments and conditions for cows and calves. As a result, Finnish milk is the purest in the EU. Valio also ensures that all the fodder used in its production chain is GMO-free.

The barometer is based on a survey where a large number of respondents evaluated key areas of responsibility. Over 24,000 companies were evaluated, and over 6,000 people aged 18–74 were interviewed. The best companies got positive feedback that their products are good value for money, their operations are ethical, and their service and quality are of a high standard.

One of the questions was to specify which animals correspond with corporate responsibility. "Responsible" translated into the cow, owl, elephant, dolphin and dog, whereas the tiger, fox or shark represented "irresponsible".

The top ten: The Body Shop, Ikea, Volvo Cars, Lantmännen, Ica, Apoteket, Systembolaget, Electrolux, Clas Ohlson and Valio.