Valio brands valued in Russia

Valio’s Russian subsidiary won the significant Brand of the Year award for marketing communication involving its top brands, Valio Viola® processed cheese and Valio butter, selected in the food category on 12th April 2012 in Moscow. Brand of the Year in Russia is a brand building competition in which Valio’s subsidiary participated for the first time.

Ten brands received awards in the food category: Valio Viola®, Valio butter, Lipton, Knorr, Snickers, Cheetos, and four local brands. 72 brands received awards in a range of other product and service categories.

Victory is the result of co-operation between Valio divisions

“This victory was secured through long-term work on Valio products. The end product is invariably the result of contributions from a number of Valio experts in R&D, Production and Marketing. It enables Valio year after year to offer products of uniformly high quality that taste good, meeting customer needs and also selling well in Valio’s export markets,” explains Emma Aer, Vice President, Marketing at Valio Ltd.

“The victories achieved by Valio Viola® processed cheese and Valio butter are all the more important because Valio brands have been sold on the Russian market for a long time; Valio butter for over 100 years and Valio Viola® processed cheese since the 1950s. Success in the competition shows that Valio’s Russian subsidiary has got its finger on the pulse and developed its brand image and marketing communication on a continuous basis.”

A celebrated award

The award has been dispensed annually since 1998, and its goal is to highlight the most successful and effective marketing and advertising projects in Russia. The evaluation criteria include the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, brand communication, and the creativity behind the concept.

The independent jury selecting the award winners comprises the leading Russian marketing, advertising and consumer research players and its members are top executives in industry organisations, experts working in research and consulting companies, and representatives of leading advertising agencies.

Success in other competitions

The Valio brands sold in Russia have for many years been entered into the country’s Product of the Year competition, where success is based on sales volumes drawn from AC Nielsen and TGI statistics. Valio Viola®, Valio butter and Valio Oltermanni® have received the Product of the Year award 13 times.