Valio freshens up cooking and curd creams with quark

Quark is now also suitable for cooking. Valio's new &Rahka (&Quark) products are an easy to way to introduce new flavours and richness to familiar dishes. Our new Valio cooking cream & quark and Valio curd cream & quark, both with a 20- percent quark content, will be available in stores from the beginning of February.

Looking for new alternatives in cooking, growing interest in well-being

Well-being and health are the most prominent trends in Finland and the other Nordic countries right now. In everyday cooking, these trends can be seen in the search for new alternatives to be used alongside traditional cooking products, such as cream.

– The aim of our new products containing quark is to provide a new kind of easy alternative for home cooks looking for variety. Both Valio cooking cream & quark and Valio curd cream & quark can be used just like traditional cooking cream and even curd cream. What's new in them is the fresh flavour and rich texture introduced by the quark, says Category Business Manager Anu Kalliokoski.

In Valio's consumer test, more than half of the respondents were of the opinion that Valio curd cream & quark and Valio cooking cream & quark were better than other products they would use in similar situations (3/2016, N=112).

– According to the respondents, the most interesting thing about the products was their freshness and protein content as well as the fact that they are lactose-free, says Kalliokoski.

Quark adds freshness and richness

Valio curd cream & quark and Valio cooking cream & quark can be used in both cold and warm dishes, just as traditional curd cream and cooking cream. Thanks to the quark, however, the flavour of the food will gain a gentle freshness and the texture will be richer.

– The rich flavour is the result of a combination of three basic flavours – savoury, sweet and sour. We often forget acidity when we season food, due to which the taste sensation will lack that final touch. The soft sourness of the Valio &Quark products provides us with an easy way to complement flavours.  A balance between the basic flavours also enhances the distinct taste of each ingredient, says Product Development Specialist Juha Huumonen.

People looking for home cooking alternatives with better nutritional values will be delighted by the higher protein content of Valio curd cream & quark as well as by its rich texture, achieved with less fat.  100 g of the product contains 5 g of protein and only 3 g of fat, thanks to which it has been granted the Heart Symbol (a Finnish nutritional label that tells the consumer at a glance that the product is a better choice in its product group regarding fat (quantity and quality) and sodium). Valio cooking cream & quark contains 5 g of protein per 100 g of the product; the product's fat content is 10 g per 100 g.

Both products are lactose-free and made from Finnish milk. The new products will be available in stores from the beginning of February.