Valio is renewing its lactose free milk drink category

Valio is renewing its lactose free milk drink category and at the beginning of May 2015 will launch improved, fresher tasting Valio Eila® milk drinks. In addition to removing the lactose, part of the proteins have been degraded using Valio’s patented method. Consumers report that the new improved milk drink tastes better than any other lactose free milk drink available.

“Valio Eila® lactose free is the result of our product development expertise based on research and pioneering. We believe Valio’s success going forward will continue to stem from unique innovations that genuinely benefit consumers,” says Elli Siltala, Vice President Marketing at Valio.

Valio Eila® is Valio’s biggest brand internationally and sales of Valio Eila® milk drinks have grown steadily since their launch in 2001.

Taste test winner

“Valio offers a diverse range of milks that cater to consumers’ different needs. Renewed Valio Eila® complements our product range as the freshest tasting lactose free milk drink on the market, and there is clearly a demand among lactose free milk drink consumers for a fresher taste,” says Valio Category Manager Mirva Tollet.

In a product test conducted by Research Insight Finland* consumers chose the renewed Valio Eila® milk drink as the best-tasting milk drink on the market. 69 percent of the participants reported that the new milk drink had the best taste of the lactose free milk drinks on the market. The taste was described as fresh, real milk, and not so sweet.

Valio Eila® is ideal for sensitive stomachs

Valio Eila® milk drinks are lactose free without compromising on taste, properties and nutrient content. They are also ideal for those with a sensitive stomach, because products containing less lactose can help relieve the digestion problems caused by lactose for those suffering with lactose intolerance. Valio Eila® milk drink has all the nutritional benefits of milk and is suitable for consumption as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle.

According to research findings, some of the stomach problems experienced by consumers are not caused by lactose, because milk proteins are also a suspected cause of stomach symptoms. Preliminary studies have indicated that proteins degraded incompletely in the digestive tract may cause symptoms like those of lactose intolerance, such as loose stools, swelling, flatulence, and stomach pain. The proteins in the renewed Valio Eila® milk drink come in the same form as they occur in cultured buttermilk i.e. partially degraded. Fermented milk products have traditionally been considered beneficial for the stomach.

Pioneering lactose free products

Valio has always taken a keen interest in consumers’ health and well-being, and using research as a basis has looked to develop products that promote well-being. Valio is the global pioneer in lactose free products. The company was first to develop HYLA® low lactose products in the 1980s and technology for completely lactose free dairy in the early 2000s.

Now Valio has once again developed a unique patented production process that enables the degradation of part of the milk proteins in addition to the lactose, and helps further improve the taste.

Valio launched the renewed Valio Eila® milk drinks in Sweden in 2014, where their sales have developed favourably.

Valio Eila® milk drinks are ideal for the whole family as a beverage at mealtimes, for cooking and baking. Valio Eila® is not suitable for those with milk allergy. The products contain added vitamin D. Valio Eila® milk drinks are manufactured at Valio dairies in Jyväskylä and Tampere.

*Source: Product test on lactose free semi skim milk drinks, Research Insight Finland (8/2014, n=159).