Valio launches a new kind of light spread

People take a very strong interest in overall well-being, which is clearly demonstrated when it comes to products that are thought to promote well-being. The popularity of quark is a good example. Valio is now bringing the lightness of quark to the spreads shelf with Valio Better™, a new kind of spread for well-being that contains plenty of quark.

The unique quark spread

Valio Better™ spread is the healthy spread that tastes good. A unique combination of light quark, Finnish turnip rape oil and delicious butter.

“We set out to create a completely new kind of spread with a full fresh taste and soft texture, approaching its development from an entirely original angle. Valio Better™ spread combines the full taste of butter with the lightness of quark in a brand new way. Using quark in the recipe turned out to be the perfect choice,” says Product Developer Annamari Jukkola from Valio.

Valio Better™ contains 37% quark. The inherently light qualities of quark reduce the product’s fat content, giving it a fresh taste and softer texture. Finnish turnip rape oil adds plenty of essential alpha-linolenic acid, better known as omega-3, which helps maintain the normal cholesterol level of blood when consumed daily (2 g/day). Valio butter completes the delicious taste of the spread. Valio Better™ forms part of a balanced and diverse diet and healthy lifestyle.

Valio Better™ spread carries the Heart symbol of the Finnish Heart Association, denoting a product that’s a better choice in its category in terms of fat quality and salt content. Rahkariini contains just 40% fat (27% vegetable fat, 13% dairy fat) with a salt content of 1 g/100 g.

Consumers are interested in healthiness

Nearly 80% of respondents to Valio’s consumer survey (1/2015, n=120) found the new spread better than their current spread and were particularly attracted to the healthiness of Valio Better™.

Valio Better™ is soft and easy to spread on bread. It can be seasoned and used in a variety of different sandwich toppings. The product is also ideal for easy baking such as pie crusts and for making desserts. It is not suitable for frying.

The new spread is made from Finnish ingredients at Valio’s Seinäjoki dairy.