Valio one of ten Finnish companies with best reputations

Valio’s reputation has placed 9th out of the surveyed companies in T-Media’s Luottamus ja Maine (Trust and Reputation) survey, almost at the same level as last year (Valio placed 8th in 2014.). Valio’s reputation is rated as good (on a four-point scale: very weak, moderate, good, excellent). More detailed analysis shows that Valio’s stakeholder support is affected most by its responsibility, administration and management.

Responsibility, in the scope of this survey, means that “the company operates properly and responsibly, and it takes the environment and society into account.” Administration means that “the company operates openly and transparently and conducts its business properly.” Other factors in a company’s responsibility are products, innovation, financial success, interaction and attractiveness as an employer. Valio’s reputation (score 3.59) is considerably higher than its comparison company Arla, whose score was in the “moderate” category (3.37).

Stakeholder support refers to the public's desire to buy Valio products, recommend them to others, apply for jobs at Valio, own shares in the company, and the amount of trust in and understanding of the company there is in times of crisis. Valio's stakeholder support is at a very good level (3.72). Out of the stakeholder support factors, the desire to buy the company’s products is excellent, whereas all the others are rated as good – apart from the desire to own shares in the company, as Valio is not listed on the public stock market.

The factors that affect corporate reputation correlate with the company’s stakeholder support.

Attention paid to communication and the clarity of goals

The public think Valio’s strengths are in its products – made from Finnish milk and well worth their price – and the fact that Valio operates in a way that improves the entire dairy business, its success trickling down to Finnish dairy farmers.

There is room for development in the openness and sincerity of the company’s interactions and the communication of its future goals. Our new core message supports the development of these reputation factors: responsibility throughout the dairy chain, Valio’s goals on the international market and innovative business, and communicating them effectively in multiple channels. Improving our online services and social media interactions along with stakeholder meetings are some of the ways that we at Valio can be more transparent.

The ten Finnish companies with the best reputations this year were: Kone, Ponsse, Pekkaniska, Supercell, Fazer, Google, Rovio, Alko, Valio and Lidl.

The detailed reputation survey was performed for 30 companies, who were selected based on a preliminary survey. For the preliminary survey, around 1,000 Finns were asked to spontaneously name two companies with a good reputation and two companies with a bad reputation; the 30 with the most mentions were chosen. Around 200 people responded to Valio and Arla sections of the survey. The sample is weighted by gender, age and neighbourhood to represent the target group. The survey was held in June–August 2015.