Valio re-enters the baby food market in Finland

Valio Ltd will re-enter the Finnish baby food market in June 2012, launching a comprehensive range of ready-to-serve baby foods. Valio Onni™ porridges and gruels are manufactured from fresh Finnish milk at Valio’s Turenki plant. Valio is the only Finnish manufacturer of ready-to-serve baby food.

"Valio has developed technology that enables us to produce baby foods from fresh Finnish milk so that we can offer Finns the opportunity to enjoy domestic ingredients and baby foods made in Finland," says Sami Nupponen, Senior Vice President, Fresh Food at Valio.

For the time being, Valio is launching its baby foods in the Finnish market alone, but international markets are under consideration.

Valio Onni™ porridges and gruels deliver a number of choices

The Valio Onni™ porridges range includes both milk-based and non-milk selections. The milk-based porridges contain no added sugar while the non-milk porridges are lightly sweetened with fructose.

The oats, wheat, rye and barley used in the porridges and gruels are Finnish origin whole grains. Valio Onni™ porridges have a slightly coarse texture which develops infants’ oral motor skills. The gruel selection includes a number of products ideal for baby’s first gruel. All Valio Onni™ porridges and many of the Valio Onni™ gruels are additive free.

Further information:

Sami Nupponen, Senior Vice President, Fresh Food, Valio Ltd, tel. +358 10 381 2505
Tiina Vuorinen, Brand Manager, Valio Ltd, tel. +358 10 381 2120