Valio responds to growing demand for lactose free products: first fully soluble entirely lactose free milk powder for consumers

The demand for lactose free alternatives continues to grow rapidly as consumer awareness of lactose intolerance increases around the world. Valio, the pioneer in lactose free technology, has once again expanded its portfolio of lactose free milk products and developed the first fully soluble and entirely lactose free milk powder for consumers, building on a proven world-leading technology. 

Lactose free sales are predicted to grow by 75 percent in Europe between 2012 and 2016*. The US market is expected to develop steadily and new markets in Asia and South America have the potential to expand rapidly.

“Our new instant powders free from lactose are an interesting solution especially in markets where lactose intolerance is prevalent yet healthy dairy products are an essential part of the local diet and liquid milk is generally prepared at home from a soluble milk powder. This is the case, for example, in Asia,” says Tuomas Salusjärvi, Executive Vice President for Valio.

Lactose free powders with the taste of natural milk

With more than 100 lactose free products available in the Nordic and European markets, Valio is the market leader in lactose free products in Europe. Valio launched the world’s first wholly lactose free milk drink in 2001, which tastes exactly like fresh milk with none of the sweetness associated with lactose adjusted products. Valio developed fully soluble lactose free milk powders using the same patented technology.

Valio lactose free milk powders are used just like regular milk powders, rendering the products lactose free while retaining all the goodness of milk and the natural milky taste.

The new powders are especially easy to digest** so lactose intolerant consumers benefit from the milk nutrients, high protein content and added vitamin D. Those who can tolerate lactose better will naturally feel the benefits, too.

Valio lactose free instant soluble powders for consumers come in skimmed, semi skimmed and whole milk varieties.The lactose tolerant consumers will equally benefit from the milk nutrients too.

Instant milk powders also for the food industry

Food and beverage manufacturers have long been using Valio lactose free milk powders in a variety of applications, ranging from milk chocolate, dairy desserts and ice creams to ready meals, soups and sauces. Valio is now serving customers in need of instant milk powders, e.g. manufacturers of drink powder blends.

Valio lactose free milk powders are also gaining ground in other areas like pet foods and powdered health drinks. The high protein and low carbohydrate content makes Valio lactose free milk powders the ideal choice for sports and diet nutrition (e.g. low sugar).

Fast facts about Valio lactose free milk powders

  • Lactose free milk powders are available in three fat levels: skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk
  • Produced by spray drying high-quality Finnish pasteurised cow's milk
  • Lactose is partially removed by filtration and the remaining lactose is enzymatically hydrolysed to glucose and galactose
  • Taste remains natural due to Valio’s lactose free technology and unchanged milk mineral composition
  • Lactose content is less than 0.1%
  • Protein content is higher than in regular milk powders so the dosage can be 20-25% lower
  • Less carbohydrates than in regular milk powders
  • Instant quality delivered by non-allergenic rapeseed lecithin
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • No GMOs

*Source: Lactose free dairy; New Nutrition Business 2012

**Products containing less lactose can help relieve the digestion problems caused by lactose for those suffering with lactose intolerance. As part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.