Valio unveils global campaign to promote Gefilus® good bacteria range

For more than 100-years Valio has innovated and led the dairy market with tasty products that enhance our lives. The rising gut health trend once more gives Valio an opportunity to improve and extend its Valio Gefilus® good bacteria range in line with consumer tastes.


Valio Gefilus® products contain the world’s most researched lactic acid bacterium, lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which has qualities scrutinized in more than 800 scientific studies globally.  The unique property of the bacteria allows it to attach firmly to the intestinal wall and stay strong and alive in the gut despite the acid fluids in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.

To put this to the test we sent international travel presenter Ian Wright on a mission to seek out and lick the dirtiest locations in Europe for The Lick-hiker’s Guide to Inner Strength, a campaign that promotes the virtues of Valio Gefilus®.

The 25-minute documentary sees Wright’s tongue come into contact with places that harbour bad bacteria - all in the name of science.  These include a Russian public toilet and underground station, a Finnish kindergarten, Swedish river, €10 note, London’s Piccadilly Circus, and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

The story of the campaign has been applauded by advertising and grocery industry media as an innovative marketing initiative that successfully engages with consumers.

So far Ian’s adventure has been watched on our social media channels by several million people, while influential style and consumer media such as HYPEBEAST have called the initiative “unique”. In the USA Ian has been quizzed by several radio stations fascinated by his ordeal.

The Lick-hiker’s Guide to Inner Strength is designed to be both educational and fun. It physically draws attention to the link between the gut, our inner strength, and our wellbeing. 

Gefilus® is tested on a journey that starts in Helsinki and moves to London via Örebro, Warsaw, Moscow and Frankfurt.  Along the route Wright meets doctors, professors and scientists in-between licking challenges that threaten his immune system.

Following its TV broadcast The Lick-hiker’s Guide to Inner Strength can now be found on Valio’s YouTube and Facebook channels, from where it continues to be promoted and seeded to a global audience. The campaign has been supported by an international social media, PPC and PR campaign.