Valio’s co-operation negotiations completed

As a result of the co-operation negotiations commenced on 22 April 2015 in Valio Ltd’s Operations division and some head office operations, the company’s personnel capacity will be reduced by a total of 326,5 man-years, of which 182 are in the form of terminated permanent employment relationships, 45 are retirements or pension arrangements, and 74 are discontinued fixed-term employment contracts.

Co-operation negotiations were conducted at 13 sites in Finland and in some of Valio’s head office operations. The negotiations concerned some 2,900 people out of the total of around 3,500 employed by Valio in Finland. Valio employs around 4,300 people in Finland and abroad, and including milk producers as many as 25,000–30,000 people.

Valio has to adjust its costs to correspond to the current operating environment as well as to changes that have taken place in production types and volumes. Valio aims to achieve a more efficient use of its capacity and more productive methods of operation through the re-organisation of production and logistics.