Valio's documentary film, The Lick-hiker´s guide to Inner Strength, won an award at the prestigious Cannes Lions contest

On Wednesday, 21 June, Valio’s documentary film Ian Wright – The Lick-hiker´s guide to Inner Strength received a bronze lion at the internationally prestigious Cannes Lions competition in France.

The award-winning documentary makes the invisible world of bacteria visible. In the documentary, a well-known British presenter Ian Wright, who is known for his travel programmes and Lonely Planet adventures, puts the strength of his gut's immune system to the test. During the journey, Ian Wright tests the bacterial level of different places and also exposes himself to bacteria by licking dirty spots. The documentary related to the Valio Gefilus® brand premiered in the summer of 2016.

The documentary film The Lick-hiker´s guide to Inner Strength was awarded with a bronze lion at the entertainment category of the Cannes Lions competition. The work entered in this category should, among other things, engage consumers in a new way.

“Naturally we are delighted that our bold and new approach has been noticed in the world’s most prestigious contest. This encourages us to make bold and fresh choices in the future also,” says Hanna Hiekkamies, senior vice president, Brands and Marketing at Valio.

The documentary was developed for Valio by advertisement agency Hasan & Partners and produced by Cocoa Mediaproductions and Dagmar Helsinki. This is the only award won by a Finnish agency so far this year.

Cannes Lions is an international competition for the creative communications industry that has been organised since 1953. In 2017, approximately 41,000 works were entered, in a total of 24 different categories.