World’s leading expertise in lactose free dairy

Anuga Food fair in Cologne offers an ideal opportunity to collect information on Valio’s lactose free consumer products, ingredients, and also about our lactose free technology available on license.  We invite customers and new contacts alike to visit our stand E9 in Dairy Hall 10.1. between Saturday 10th and Wednesday 14th October 2015.

Valio is one of the leading manufacturers of lactose free products in the world and the ground-breaking innovator in related technologies. Patented, award winning Valio Eila® lactose free technology produces lactose free dairy products with excellent taste. It is estimated that 75% of the world population is lactose intolerant, so there’s a high demand for the products.

Valio launches its world class lactose free consumer products

 Valio introduces three types of fresh tasting milks and milk drinks with zero lactose: semi skimmed milk drink, protein milk drink and barista milk. Along with the lactose free milks and milk drinks Valio’s product range contains lactose free whipping cream, lactose free unsalted butter and unsalted butter with regular lactose.

“Valio has for long exported consumer products to its close market, and also is a trusted partner in suppling ingredients and providing expertise to the dairy and food industry around the world. We now aim for growth in the international consumer market”, states Kaisa Karhunen, Sales Manager for Valio’s consumer products.

Valio Lactose Free powder for consumers presents a new opportunity at the right time

“Valio has developed the first fully soluble entirely lactose free milk powder for consumers, delivering a new and proven world leading technology to capture a thirsty market” , says Päivi Saarentola, Valio Marketing Manager for Consumer Milk Powders.

Valio has made the new powders especially easy to digest so lactose intolerant consumers benefit quickly from the milk nutrients, high protein content and added vitamin D. These qualities also apply to people who can tolerate lactose better.

Valio skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk soluble powders provide for any number of occasions and applications, serving each market with the right choice.

The taste of Nordic nature

Valio’s product range represents the very best Nordic dairy products, made from pure, fresh milk produced by Finnish family farms. We offer a wide selection on naturally healthy and high-quality lactose free products where you can taste a deliciously authentic flavor and sense the origin: a piece of Nordic nature.