Products to nearly everyone

Valio's large product range caters for all tastes. According to its principle of responsibility, Valio considers the needs and wishes of the consumers of all ages. These – as well as food trends – are therefore followed constantly.

Baby foods made from fresh milk

Baby foods made from fresh milk

Valio’s basic milk cartons were redesigned. They are now illustrated with colourful storybook-style pictures of cows and everyday life at dairy farms.

Valio PROfeel® products contain plenty of protein but very little added sugar. They are suitable as snacks, before or after exercising, and to help control weight. A sufficient intake of protein is important for people of all ages.

Valio launched 123 new products in 2012. Around 29 million euros was spent on research, product development and quality control.

Products launched within the last five years accounted for 21% of Valio net sales in 2012.

In the Finnish market, the Valio logo indicates that the dairy product has been made in Finland from Finnish milk.

Valio’s product range includes more than 80 products bearing the Heart Symbol which is awarded by the Finnish Heart Association and Finnish Diabetes Association.