Operational environment

Valio invests in Finland

Operational environment

Investments 2014

Valio investments in 2014 totalled 152 million euros, accounting for around 29% of all those made by the Finnish food industry (source: Confederation of Finnish Industries). 97.3% of Valio’s investments were allocated to Finland.

The most significant investments were:

- State-of-the-art powder plant and laboratory building introduced in Lapinlahti. - Increased production capacity for special milks at the Tampere dairy. - Expansion of the Oulu dairy and increased production capacity. - Increased quark production capacity at the Seinäjoki plant. - Lorry autowash premises and milk producer services at the Haapavesi plant. - Construction of the new snacks plant commenced on the new Riihimäki dairy site.

Environmental investments totalled nearly 3 million euros Investments to reduce environmental impacts in Finland totalled 2.8 million euros. Environmental costs recorded as expenses totalled 14.2 million euros.

Investments were made in the simultaneous reduction of waste water loading and recovery of dry matter in milk at the Seinäjoki plant.

Energy-efficiency was enhanced by investing in the recovery of waste heat at the Suonenjoki jam plant.