Nutritional responsibility

Valio takes the lead in Finnish nutrition and is a global pioneer in functional dairy products.

Nutritional responsibility

Nutritional responsibility at Valio

Nutritional responsibility plays a big role in Valio’s product development and product range management, because consumers are increasingly looking for comprehensive wellness provided by food.

A food company’s nutritional responsibility expresses how its products affect users and their eating habits.

Valio’s liquid milk products contain added vitamin D. And dairy products are in fact the most important source of vitamin D in Finland.

Valio was the first dairy company in Finland to state in product information labelling on its milk and cultured buttermilk cartons the naturally occurring iodine content found in milk.

In 2014, Valio’s retail and Food Service product ranges featured around 300 Valio HYLA® low lactose or Valio Eila® lactose free items.

Valio’s broad range of snacks includes many snack products that contain less added sugar, and the product range is being developed further.

In 2014, Valio’s product range included more than 100 items bearing the Heart Symbol earned by select Finnish foods that qualify. (LINK)

Information for professionals, customers and consumers

The health pages of the Valio for Professionals web service offer reliable nutrition information to professionals working in nutrition and health, as well as to Food Service and industrial customers.

Valio’s nutrition pages for consumers offer up-to-date information related to dairy products and nutrition