Sponsorship and stakeholders

Valio interacts with both local and national stakeholders.

Sponsorship and stakeholders


Strategic stakeholders comprise those who use Valio products, personnel, owner-producers, customers, suppliers and service producers, and the national economies in which Valio operates. Other important stakeholders are universities, the media, and organisations.

Contacts with stakeholders are regular and interactive.

Issues related to products and responsibility relevant to stakeholders are studied through stakeholder surveys, and operations and products are developed using the survey results.

Valio sponsorship in 2014

In 2014, Valio’s sponsorship focused on supporting physical exercise and nutrition for children and young people through Valio Akatemia scholarships.

The Valio Akatemia program distributed 200 scholarships in the form of money or products, and provided nutritional advice and arranged events in Finland.

Scholarships were granted to individual athletes, teams, and school pupil groups, in a range of sports.

In 2014, the figurehead sponsorship recipients via the Valio Akatemia were Teemu Selänne, Sami Hyypiä, Joel Pohjanpalo and Kiira Korpi.

In 2015, the figurehead sponsorship recipients via the Valio Akatemia are skier Kerttu Niskanen, figure skater Kiira Korpi, and footballer Joel Pohjanpalo.

MML handles Valio’s policy development

Valio’s policy development has been handled by the Finnish Milk Processors and Dairy Products Wholesalers Association (MML) since 31 December 2011.

MML deals with international and national policy development and the establishment of collective agreements within the dairy industry.

Riitta Brandt, Senior Vice President, Agricultural and Food Policy at Valio acts as the Executive Director of MML.