Investments 2015

Valio investments totalled 119 million euros in 2015, accounting for around 24.6% (2014: 29%) of all those made by the Finnish food industry (source: EK). 95.3% of Valio’s investments were allocated to Finland.

Investments 2015

Valio invests in Finland

The most significant investments were:

  • New snacks plant in Riihimäki
  • Expansion of the Oulu dairy, increased production capacity, packaging unit renovation, and a boiler plant for solid fuel
  • Expansion of the Turenki UHT plant
  • New cleaning centre at the Seinäjoki fresh dairy products plant
  • Renovation of the packaging unit at the Jyväskylä plant
  • State-of-the-art powder plant introduced in Lapinlahti

Environmental investments totalled nearly 2 million euros

Investments to reduce environmental impacts in Finland totalled 1.9 million euros. Environmental costs recorded as expenses totalled 12.4 million euros.

The most significant environmental investment was in the reduction of dust emissions from powder drying at the Haapavesi plant to meet the conditions of the environmental permit.

Renovation projects at waste water purification plants were underway in Haapavesi and Suonenjoki in 2015, and will commence in Äänekoski in 2016.