Health, taste and world-class innovations

Milk is a local food in Finland that can be produced anywhere in the country and employed to provide nutrition for the entire population.

Health, taste and world-class innovations

A Finnish dairy product is a sustainable local food

Valio is the biggest processor of dairy products in Finland and bears its responsibility by manufacturing a diverse range to meet a variety of needs, including those of different age groups and people on a special diet.

The decisive factors in Valio’s product development and category management are taste, nutrition recommendations, and consumers’ wishes.

Valio launched 138 new products in 2015 (2014: 136) on the Finnish market and some new products on other markets. Seven new patent applications (2014: 5) were filed in 2015.

Valio’s research, product development and quality control expenditure amounted to around 29.0 million euros (2014: MEUR 32.1) and accounted for 1.7% of net sales (2014: 1.6%).

Focusing on nutrition

A broad range of dairy products with added vitamin D

Dairy products are the most important source of vitamin D in Finland, and Valio’s liquid milk products contain added vitamin D. Also, Valio’s fat blends, spreads, and liquid fats contain 20 µg/100 g of added vitamin D in accordance with the recommendation.

Dairy products are the most important source of iodine

Cartons for Valio milks, milk drinks and cultured buttermilks state the product’s iodine content. Valio was the first dairy company in Finland to list milk’s naturally occurring iodine content on its product package information labelling. And consumers can now use the iodine calculator on the website to evaluate whether they are getting sufficient iodine in their diet.

Lactose free and low lactose product variants

Valio offers a broad range of completely lactose free Valio Eila® products and low lactose Valio HYLA® products in various categories. The company’s product assortment also includes many naturally lactose free items, such as matured cheeses and juice-based products.

Less added sugar

Valio’s broad range of snacks includes many snack products that contain less added sugar, and the product range is being developed further.

Valio adapts to consumer trends and will expand its range of snack products containing less sugar. The goal is to halve the sugar content of Valio’s milk-based snack products, especially yoghurts, by 2020 – without compromising on taste.

Already one-third of Valio’s milk-based snack products sold in Finland contain no added sugar or at least 30% less added sugar compared with ordinary snack products.

Products bearing the Finnish Heart Symbol

In 2015, Valio’s product range for the retail and Food Service sectors included more than 100 items bearing the Finnish Heart Symbol. A Heart Symbol product is a better choice in its category in terms of the quantity and quality of fat, and quantities of sugar and salt. In February 2016, Valio launched its first spread bearing the Heart Symbol − Valio Better™ rahkariini.

Valio baby foods

Valio has applied its expertise in infant nutrition since the 1960s and is the only Finnish manufacturer of ready-to-serve porridge and gruel for infants. Valio makes high-quality baby foods from Finnish milk in accordance with the latest nutrition recommendations.

Product information for consumers, professionals and customers

Valio’s nutrition web pages for consumers offer reliable and up-to-date information on dairy products and nutrition.

A number of calculators offer an easy way to test whether you are getting a sufficient intake of any and all nutrients, while menus for the week provide ideas that enable you to follow a varied diet.

The Health pages of the Valio for Professionals web service offer reliable nutrition information to professionals working in nutrition and health, as well as to Food Service and industrial customers.