All Valio sites are connected to a municipal sewer network and their waste water is forwarded to a waste water purification plant.


Water consumption and waste water

Two operations that consume a lot of water in dairies are cooling and cleaning. Some plants use surface water for cooling, and it is returned to natural waterways via a heat exchanger. Milk is an easily spoiled ingredient and production hygiene, essential to product quality, is maintained through cleaning.

Valio favours Cleaning in Place (CIP) over batch cleaning in its efforts to decrease water consumption, and saves on water and chemicals by optimising process equipment CIP and recycling usable water.

The substantial use of water and high load caused by product residues that might find their way to waste water make dairies’ waste water a significant environmental risk.

All Valio sites are connected to a municipal waste water purification plant, and especially in small towns Valio’s load is considerable compared with that of the town itself.