Purchasing and origin

In Finland, the raw milk for products sold under the Valio brand is always domestic and the products are manufactured in Finland.

Purchasing and origin

We know what we’re buying

Valio’s purchasing criteria are quality and price, ethicality, and domestic origin. We favour local suppliers whenever that can be accomplished in a competitive manner.

The share of domestic purchasing in Valio’s operations is 94% (2014: 96%) in Finland (excluding machinery and equipment).

Products sold under the Valio brand in Finland are always manufactured in Finland using Finnish raw milk.

Turnip rape oil and sugar from Finnish fields

In addition to milk, Valio’s most commonly used ingredients are turnip rape oil and sugar.

The turnip rape oil used in Valio’s spreads is 100% Finnish, and the sugar carries the Hyvää Suomesta* (Produce of Finland) label.

* Products carrying the Hyvää Suomesta swan label contain at least 75% Finnish ingredients.

Responsible purchasing policy

Product and supplier surveys ensure that we are buying safe, high-quality ingredients and additives from reliable suppliers who comply with ethical principles based on the SA 8000* standard in their operations.

(*SA 8000 standard is built on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the International Labour Organisation’s key conventions that regulate working life.)

We audit 20-30 suppliers annually, selected on the basis of risk.

Valio does not purchase seafood species determined as endangered by the WWF.

Milk collection and traceability

The ingredients of Valio products are highly traceable. Deviations detected in milk during collection are communicated directly from the milk lorry to Valio’s systems in real time.

If a product is faulty, the raw milk can be traced back to the farm from which it was collected.

Raw milk is collected from farms every other day and milk collection routes are planned for efficiency and to be environmentally sound.

A rationalisation program resulted in a reduction of nearly 600 000 kilometres (2.5%) in the total distance driven by the milk collection lorries in 2016 compared with 2015.

Collection is handled by Valio subcontractors who operate a total of 85 lorries which drove an average of 20.4 hours per day on each day of the year.