We create well-being and taste sensations responsibly

Valio knows milk and its potential. Valio is a trailblazer in Finnish nutrition and an international pioneer in functional dairy products. Valio R&D seeks solutions to the changing needs of consumers and challenges in global nutrition.

We create well-being and taste sensations responsibly

Milk is an inspiring source of innovations

The decisive factors in Valio’s product development and category management are taste, nutrition recommendations, and consumers’ wishes. Valio offers a diverse product range to meet consumers’ various needs, for different age groups, and to cater to special diets. Products are presented in a variety of package volumes to suit households of different sizes.

Valio Ltd launched 126 new products in 2016 on the Finnish market and some on other markets. Seven new patent applications were filed in 2016. Valio’s research, product development and quality control expenditure amounted to 26.5 million euros and accounted for 1.6% of net sales.

Valio’s nutritional focal points

Valio offers high-quality nutrition concepts in Finland and internationally.

Snack products with less sugar

Valio’s goal is to halve the sugar content of its milk-based snack products, especially yoghurts, by 2020 compared to 2015 – without compromising on taste. More than one-third of Valio’s milk-based snack products sold in Finland are sugar-free or contain at least 30% less added sugar compared to ordinary snack products. At the end of 2016, Valio’s broad range of snack products included around 100 items with no or less added sugar.

Full taste – less salt

The Valio ValSa® milk salt innovation was launched in 2016. Valio ValSa® milk salt comprises the minerals naturally found in milk which impart the same good taste as ordinary salt but with less sodium. The sodium content is in fact nearly 80 per cent lower than in ordinary table salt. Valio milk salt also contains iodine, again found naturally in milk. In 2016, Valio ValSa® milk salt was used in Valio Polar® 15% less salt cheese slices and Valio Oivariini® less salt easy-to-spread fat blends. The product applications will be extended further in the coming years. Valio’s goal is over the next three years to cut 60 000 kilos of salt from the food eaten by Finns. Read more about Valio ValSa® milk salt ›

Valio’s lactose free products in Finland and on the international stage

Valio Eila® products are completely lactose free and Valio offers a broad range of them. Beyond Finland these high-quality lactose free products are available e.g. in Sweden and Denmark. At the end of 2016, Valio started exporting lactose free milk powders for consumers in China. Read more about the internationalisation of Valio’s lactose free products ›

The most researched lactic acid bacteria in the world

All Valio Gefilus® products contain the world’s most researched lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. It’s not only the most researched but also has another unique quality. This lactic acid bacterium has flexible whips that help it attach to the intestinal walls and stay there. Valio Gefilus® products are full of vitamin D and some also vitamin C, which strengthen natural immunity. Read more about gut health and immunity ›

High-quality milk protein

Dairy products contain high-quality milk protein that is hugely beneficial for nutrition, full of all the essential amino acids the body needs. Milk protein is absorbed well so the body can use it efficiently.

Valio PROfeel® products offer an easy way to enjoy high-quality milk protein in the form of snacks. In 2016, the Valio PROfeel® range was extended into new protein powders that give consumers the variation they want in Valio’s range of protein-rich products.

Valio MiFU® friable cooking crumbs have introduced milk protein as the main source of protein in hot meals. Launched in September 2016, Valio MiFU® cooking crumbs replace meat or chicken in cooking. Friable cooking crumbs are full of high-quality milk protein and contain only a little saturated fat. High-protein MiFU® gives more substance to a lacto-vegetarian diet.

Read more about high-quality milk protein ›

Valio baby foods in Finland and elsewhere

Valio is the only Finnish manufacturer of ready-to-serve porridge and gruel for infants. Valio baby foods are made from Finnish milk in accordance with the latest nutrition recommendations. Valio started exporting powdered Valio Baby® baby foods made from Finnish milk to Russia in October 2016.

Products bearing the Finnish Heart Symbol – a better choice

In 2016, Valio’s product range for the retail and Food Service sectors included close to 110 items bearing the Finnish Heart Symbol. A Heart Symbol product is a better choice in its category for the quantity and quality of fat, and quantities of sugar and salt. Valio’s range bearing the Finnish Heart Symbol was extended in 2016 adding e.g. Valio Better™ rahkariini fat blend, Valio Polar 15% less salt cheese slices, and Valio Lumo™ protein quark treats.

Information on nutrition and well-being for consumers and professionals

Valio’s consumer website at valio.fi is packed with information on nutrition and well-being, in the form of e.g. tips, calculators and menus. The online calculators make it easy to evaluate an individual’s sufficient intake of e.g. iodine, calcium and vitamin D. The menus for the week provide ideas enabling you to follow a varied diet.

The Health pages of the Valio for professionals web service offer nutrition information to professionals working in nutrition and health, as well as to Food Service and industrial customers.

Recipes for special diets, too

Valio offers a broad range of products as well as a large number of recipes for everyday cooking, including for special diets. Valio’s recipes allow for e.g. lactose free, gluten free and vegetarian (lacto-ovo) alternatives.