Consumers and customers

Customers value Valio’s brand products, reliable operations, and professional co-operation.

Consumers and customers

The customers’ valued partner

Retail customers rated Valio the best supplier in the food industry, and Food Service customers valued Valio highly at second (Factum survey). In the Food Service Feedback survey, institutional kitchen customers rated Valio the best food industry company.

Customers value Valio’s brand products, reliable operations, and professional co-operation. Valio’s customers include e.g. FMCG chains, staff canteens, restaurants, wholesalers, petrol service stations, the food industry, Food Service providers and bakeries all over Finland.

Valio supply performance in Finland was measured at 99.1% in 2016 (2015: 99.3%).

Valio net sales in Finland accounted for around 64.7% of Valio Group net sales in 2016 (2015: 65%).

Sales to the retail trade accounted for some 73.3% (2015: 73.6%) of Valio sales in Finland (1 060 million euros), sales to the Food Service sector (e.g. staff canteens, public sector purchases, wholesalers, restaurants, petrol service stations) around 14.2% (2015: 13.9%), and industrial sales around 6.6% (2015: around 6.2%). Finnish net sales also include sales of raw milk in Finland to other dairy companies.

Valio delivers products to its customers in 85% recirculating and environmentally sound transport units that save customers work. Should a product fault or error occur, Valio communicates it openly and as swiftly as possible.

Interaction with consumers

Valio provides answers to questions related to its products and operations via the contact form on the Valio website, by telephone, via the company’s Facebook pages, and on Twitter.

Quality measurement yielded a good rating for Valio Consumer Services. Consumers especially valued service speed, friendliness and expertise.

Valio Consumer Services responded to some 25 000 queries in 2016 (2015: 28 300). The Internet was increasingly the most popular medium used to contact and message Valio.

Contacts divided almost evenly between product complaints, and a variety of questions, wishes and ideas.

Consumers were particularly interested in matters related to products, such as their ingredients or suitability for cooking. Consumers also provided Valio product development with lots of ideas and wishes.

Valio online

Valio’s websites attracted more than 28 million visits in 2016 (2015: 23 million).

Valio is active on social media, providing services to consumers. On Facebook alone, Valio reaches hundreds of thousands of Finns every week. YouTube is the main channel for Valio’s video communication. Valio and its owner entrepreneurs have a strong presence on Twitter and Instagram.

Valio has set up an online virtual market research community to support product ideation, planning and testing.

Responsible marketing communication

Valio complies with the international rules and guidelines published by the Association of Finnish Advertisers. We have also set down four ethical guidelines to be applied in advertising in particular:

1) Principle of truth
2) Principle of equality
3) Principle of respect
4) Principle of safety

We have further provided guidelines on how Valio and Valio employees should behave when acting in the name of the company in social media.