Sponsorship and co-operation projects

Valio interacts with both local and national stakeholders.

Sponsorship and co-operation projects


Valio stakeholders have in surveys expressed their desire for more open communication by Valio (e.g. Luottamus&Maine 2016, T-Media). Valio initiated 2-year Ethical Advisory Boards in 2016 to increase dialogue with its stakeholders. The Advisory Boards convene once a year.

The first two Ethical Advisory Boards were set up in Seinäjoki and Oulu, and leading actors from different sectors of society were invited to take a seat. A total of 51 people agreed to join the initiative, and both Advisory Boards convened once. The meetings included presentations of Valio’s operations and the results of a national survey on decision-making for the province in question. The survey mapped the views of officials and political decision-makers in municipalities on issues related to the municipalities buying food produced in Finland.

In 2017, the Seinäjoki and Oulu Advisory Boards will convene for the second time, and new Advisory Boards will be set up in Northern Savo and the region where Osuuskunta Tuottajain Maito operates.

Valio sponsorship in 2016

In 2016, Valio focused its sponsorship activities on supporting physical exercise and nutrition in children and young people through scholarships from the Valio Akatemia® program.

Founded in spring 2013, Valio Akatemia® helps make children’s and young people’s dreams come true by distributing scholarships in the form of money or products, and providing nutritional advice and arranging events.

Valio Akatemia® distributed scholarships with a total value of 125 000 euros to around 280 children and young people in Finland in 2016. The scholarships were awarded to individual athletes, teams, and school-age groups representing different types of sport, ages, and places of residence.

The figureheads of the Valio Akatemia® program in 2016 were Kiira Korpi, Kerttu Niskanen, Joel Pohjanpalo and Topi Raitanen. Kerttu Niskanen, Joel Pohjanpalo and Topi Raitanen will continue to act as figureheads in 2017.

MML handles Valio’s policy development

Valio’s policy development has been handled by the Finnish Milk Processors and Dairy Products Wholesalers Association (MML) since 31 December 2011.

MML deals with international and national policy development. Riitta Brandt, Vice President, Agricultural and Food Policy at Valio acts as the Executive Director of MML.