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Valio employs its patented processes in specific markets and sells licenses, supplies ingredients and provides expertise to the dairy and food industry around the world.

Valio Eila Lactose free

Valio Eila® Lactose free

Patented, award winning Valio Eila® lactose free technology produces lactose free milk drinks proven to taste exactly like fresh milk. With over ten years of experience, Valio Eila® lactose free is the best solution for rolling out lactose free products in new markets.

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LGG by Valio

Valio has sold LGG®

Valio Ltd is has sold its starter culture ingredients business to Chr. Hansen, including its ingredient rights, patents and know-how to the world’s most researched probiotic bacterium, LGG®.

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Rapid growth in the lactose free business

Lactose free sales are predicted to grow by 75 percent in Europe between 2012 and 2016*.

The US market is expected to grow steadily. Asian and South American markets now in their infancy have the potential to expand rapidly. Particularly those where a lack of lactose free product penetration combines with a high incidence of lactose intolerance and a sophisticated consumer marketplace.

Valio was first in the world to launch a totally lactose free milk drink with the real taste of milk, and is the market leader in Europe.

*Source: Lactose free dairy; New Nutrition Business 2012

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Valio R&D is always at the forefront

From the establishment of the first Valio Laboratory in 1916 the company has a strong scientific vision to stay at the cutting edge of technology development in dairy production.

Valio R&D has been delivering excellence for a century to benefit milk producers, partners and licensees, as well as families and the environment. Among the many awards gathered along the way, the Nobel Prize presented to Professor Virtanen in 1945 stands out.

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