Transparent sourcing

All Valio products are safe and traceable. The milk we use in Finland is among the purest in the world, and it contains no antibiotic residue. Even the milk we buy from abroad has to fill our requirements. Our suppliers and contractors are committed to our requirements of a sustainable operation.

Measured by weight, 96 % of the raw material used for production in Finland is milk. The other 4 % consists of other ingredients, such as berries, sugar, grain products and rapeseed oil.

All our milk comes from Finland

Our own plants are located in Finland, Estonia and Russia. Valio also has subsidiaries in Sweden, China and the USA. All the milk used to make our products in Finland is sourced from Valio’s Finnish owner-entrepreneur farms. In Estonia and Russia, we source our milk from our partnered producers, whose quality we monitor continuously.

Valio plants in Finland, Estonia and Russia

We export to approximately 60 countries

We sell milk and whey powders as well as butter for the food and baby food industries. We also export some consumer products. Valio’s exports account for one fourth of Finland’s food product exports. Nearly 100 % of the milk product exports from Finland are Valio’s.

Approved suppliers only

In line with our sourcing policy, we use only approved suppliers, and we can always trace raw materials to the production plant or the farm that produces the raw material. Our product and supplier surveys make sure that we source high-quality and safe materials from reliable suppliers. All of the suppliers are also required to sign the Valio Supplier Code of Conduct. Combined with third-party or internal audits, these help us monitor our suppliers’ principles and their practices.

Transparent Procurement

The importance of transparent procurement

Valio’s new guidelines for sustainable operations are intended to help all our end products meet Valio’s sustainability requirements. This ensures our products are safe and ethically manufactured throughout the chain.

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Valio’s sustainability report 2018

Read the whole report and get a deeper understanding of our work on sustainability.

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