Award-winning quality and craftsmanship from Finland’s favourite dairy co-operative. For us, milk is truly amazing!

Fresh Finnish Thinking

Valio is a Nobel-Prize winning co-operative, founded in Finland in 1905. Owned by Finnish dairy farmers who believe in doing things the right way, we’ve been producing naturally delicious dairy products for more than 100 years.

We at Valio are passionate, spirited and determined. We’re characterized by something the Finns call “sisu” –and it sits right at the heart of what it is to be truly Finnish.

We believe in the power of nature and this fuels our passion for innovation. Driven by “sisu” and a curiosity combined with a refusal to compromise, we ask questions of nature and of ourselves. It’s the answers to these questions that inspires new and exciting ideas, whilst always delivering great taste.

Responsible choice

All of Valio’s milk is produced in Finland, with high quality made possible by strict standards on responsibility that start with our farmers signing up to the Valio milk quality system. This directs and supports animal health and well-being, proper feeding practices, production hygiene and safety.

"Founded in 1905 by farmers, Valio is the biggest dairy company in Finland and known for its high-quality consumer products. Because we are still owned by the very farmers who produce our milk, it is only natural for us to focus on sustainable farming. A happy cow simply produces better quality milk!"

100% taste, 0% lactose

Valio is world’s leading expert in lactose free dairy. This expertise allows us to make easy to digest zero lactose products so that you don’t need to make a compromise between taste and wellbeing. We have been the pioneers in lactose free since launching world’s first lactose free milk in 2001 and continue to offer the widest range of lactose free products globally.