A dairy co-operative owned by farmers

Founded in 1905 by farmers, Valio is the biggest dairy company in Finland and known for its high-quality consumer products. Because we are still owned by the very farmers who produce our milk, it is only natural for us to focus on sustainable farming. Simply put: a happy cow produces better quality milk.

110 years of pure milk

Finnish milk has its origins in the untainted countryside and knowledgeable production. In Finland, milk is a common drink for people of all ages and the natural purity of Valio’s milk is an element of “Finnishness”. After 110 years of dairy products, Valio and the heritage we carry are a part of Finnish national consciousness.

Outstanding R&D drives success

In 1945, the laboratory lead at Valio, A.I. Virtanen was awarded with the Nobel prize for chemistry. In the spirit of A.I. Virtanen, Valio has developed a lot of the technologies used in dairy products worldwide, such as the lactose free products. This is what the passion of sisu stands for: setting your sight at something and then doing anything it takes to achieve it.

Today, Valio’s ground-breaking nutritional innovations provide solutions for global health trends. Five of these innovations were nominated for the SIAL Innovation Awards 2016, which recognize the world’s leading nutritional innovations.

Pure Valio milk from top of EU