Sustainable Valio

We want to be part of the solution to global challenges: we are aware of our environmental and climate impacts, and we take active measures to reduce them. And we are determined to improve animal and human welfare.


Our nutrition innovations improve health, and delicious flavors can bring friends together around a common table. Finnish milk producers own Valio through cooperatives, and it’s to them that we pay our profits to. This is our way of making sure that we have access to locally produced food whose origin we know.

A goal-oriented sustainability program is a part of our strategy. We have identified the essential areas of focus for our stakeholders and for Valio’s business operations

  1. Co-operative foundation. Dairy farms own Valio through regional cooperatives. Choosing to buy a Valio product helps you to support a food producer.
  2. Animal welfare on Valio farms is good by international standards, and the milk we produce is among the cleanest in the world.
  3. Transparent sourcing. All Valio products are safe and traceable. Our suppliers and contractors are committed to our requirements of a sustainable operation.
  4. Innovations to promote health and well-being are built around listening to the customer and consumer, delicious taste and good nutritional values.

Valio is a dairy cooperative owned by Finnish farmers

  • Traceability. Technology. Innovation. Watch what makes Valio the the only Nobel prize winning dairy company.

  • Are you looking for innovative, healthy dairy products or ingredients? Find out what we’re working on at Valio and how we can help your business flourish.

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  • My purpose in life is to be a farmer. It’s a matter of honor to continue the work of past generations, says Erkka Juntti, dairy farm owner.

  • Dairy farmers help to slow climate change: carbon farmers store carbon dioxide in soil. Watch this video and learn more with Valio’s carbon farmer Anu Ellä.

Sustainability at Valio group

Valio is owned by small Finnish family-owned farms with over 110 years of passion and dedication to making the very best butter and cheese. Cows eat the greenest grass and breathe the pure air of Finland, one of the cleanest countries on Earth. The result is the purest milk in the world with nothing artificial and no added hormones.

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