Milk salt, what is it?

Milk salt consists of the natural minerals in milk: potassium, iodine, magnesium, calcium, as well as sodium. The minerals found in milk come from the fodder eaten by cows.

Ordinary table salt consists almost completely of sodium chloride. Milk salt contains nearly 80% less sodium than ordinary table salt. The salty taste in milk salt is derived from the potassium that milk naturally contains, instead of sodium.

The process

The minerals found in milk come from the fodder eaten by cows. Milk contains the natural minerals: potassium, iodine, magnesium and sodium.

Whey is produced as a by-product of cheese.

Whey contains, among other things, whey proteins and milk minerals (milk salt).

Milk salt contains almost 80% less sodium than ordinary table salt.

A unique solution to a global problem

Excessive consumption of sodium in our diets is the most significant risk factor in high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is the single biggest contributor to the reduction of life expectancy worldwide.

The food industry has long sought ways to reduce salt content but has struggled to achieve this without compromising on taste. Until now...

"World health organisation member states have agreed to reduce the global population's intake of salt by a relative 30% by 2025."

Successful launches in Finland

Valio has already launched innovations with ValSa® in Finland that have been highly successful.

ValSa Polar®

Valio Polar® 15 cheese slices with less salt

Valio Polar® cheese is a Maasdam-type cheese which has flavour with character. Now there's a new variant that is lower in salt, with natural minerals of milk. It still has characteristic taste as the original even though the salt content is only 0.6%, made possible by Valio ValSa® milk mineral salt.

ValSa Oivariini®

Valio Oivariini® blended spread less salt

Valio ValSa® milk salt has made it possible to develop a new variant of Valio Oivariini® blended spread with full taste and a salt content of only 0.6%. This product has the lowest salt content of blended spreads on the Finnish market. Also available lactose free in spring 2017.