Whistleblowing channel

Internal findings and incidents (e.g. hazards and accidents) related to food and occupational safety are reported at our Finnish sites to the relevant observation programme. In other topics, Valio uses a global Whistleblowing channel.

Internal Whistleblowing channel for reporting concerns

All Valio operating countries have a whistleblower channel that Valio employees can use to confidentially report illegal or unethical activity or suspicions of it.

The channel is available in the local language, and reports can also be made anonymously. All reports are taken seriously and handled confidentially. There will be no sanctions or retaliation against the employee who reported the misconduct.

If the case of misconduct involves the CEO or the Chair of the Board, Valio’s Chief Human Resources Officer takes the report to the Chair of the Board or the entire Board of Directors.

The number of reports and investigations, investigation results, and other information relevant to the Board are reported to the Board.

External concerns

External concerns related to human rights and responsibility can be sent at the moment to Valio through the consumer feedback channel or via email compliance@valio.fi. The way the concerns are handled depends on the topic of the report.