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Gold & Green: Plant-Based Protein

At Gold & Green, we know plants and vegetables are the future of food. But we know the big change in food culture will only happen, if people start eating plants for their own good.

That’s why we’re here. To make plant-based food that feels good to cook and savor. Plants that please you. Join us on this pursuit of pleasure. It’s going to be delicious.

Simply Four Ingredients

Pulled Oats® is a clean label high-quality plant-based protein made with a short and simple ingredient list. It is made solely from naturally nutritious ingredients – oats, beans and peas and is high in protein and fiber.

  • Clean Label: short & simple ingredient list
  • Protein replacement, not ’meat mimic’
  • Made from oats with no soy, no additives, no preservatives
  • High in good, quality protein (30%)
  • Smaller serving size because of the high protein, perfect for foodservice operators
  • Exceptional nutritional value
  • Rich in fiber and iron, low in saturated fat

Eat Plant-Based Because You Want To

Our award-winning unique texture features a patented technology with a neutral taste that absorbs flavors from all types of cuisines. It’s versatile and easy to use as pre-cooked ingredient, so it’s suitable for your plant-based, vegan-friendly and on-trend menu!

  • Suitable for everyone from vegans to meat-lovers
  • Pre-cooked, easy and fast to prepare
  • Can be spiced-up generously
  • One ingredient, endless variety across dayparts
  • Can be used in both hot and cold dishes

Sysco Simply Plant-Based Pulled Oats®, now available in the US

Save time and money in your foodservice operation with the help of Sysco Simply Plant-Based Pulled Oats®! Allow your operators to use their creativity to inspire new plant-based dishes so they can cover all dayparts of their menus.