For decades, we have proven our excellence through technological innovations, R&D, consumer insight and expertise in pure and sustainable dairy and plant-based products. We welcome you to view our family of brands and taste the quality for yourself.

Delicious recipes start with great tasting cheese and butter. Finlandia cheese and butter is pure art…created from the goodness of nature with skill and imagination.

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Explore the plant-based food and beverages of Oddlygood™. We believe the world changes fast enough only when the good food tastes good enough.

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Let us introduce you to the game changer of Gold & Green: protein-rich, plant-based protein with a short ingredient list and endless possibilities.

Gold & Green

Finlandia – Simply Made Better

Cheese and butter is pure art…created from the goodness of nature with skill and imagination. At Finlandia this art has been raised to the highest level. Our master craftsmen use only the purest, natural ingredients to craft our deicious tasting cheeses.

Our recipes actually demand that every ounce of milk and every ingredient we use in the making of our cheeses be of the highest possible quality and purity. Strict adherence to the standards of our master cheesemakers who came before us is why Finlandia continues to be considered one of the world’s finest and most flavorful cheeses today.

Small Family-owned Farms

Our cheeses are made with the freshest milk from small family-owned farms for superior flavor and texture. Each delicious variety of our deli cheeses is carefully crafted using only the purest natural ingredients and over 100 years of cheesemaking experience and tradition. Imported Finlandia cheese is also free of artificial growth hormones, lactose free and GMO free.

Our butter is crafted with pure milk from family-owned farms in the pristine nature of Finland. The rich, creamy flavor and smooth texture, make Finlandia imported butter the ultimate butter for baking, cooking and especially, eating.

The Oddlygood Side of Life

Oddlygood is a Nordic company making plant-based food and beverages. We believe that the world changes fast enough only when the good food is good enough. That’s why our goal is to make products that are so tasty, that they’re no longer an alternative, but the number one choice for all foodies, no matter their diets.

Oddlygood is World Rocking Tasty

We are solely focused on taste. Only with great taste can we change the world and make plant-based products desirable in their own right. Our only challenger is taste itself. We are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, gluten-free lifestyles and more. Our products are GMO-free and perfect for the cat fans, car drivers, moms and emos across the world – everyone who is driven by the delicious.