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For decades, our technological innovations, excellence in R&D, consumer insight and expertise in pure and sustainable dairy products have helped us create unique brands such as Valio PROfeel® protein snacks, Valio Oltermanni® cheese Valio spreadable porcessed cheese. Take a look at Valio’s product and brand portfolio.

Three different flavors

Get to know Valio’s three varieties of processed cheese: natural, gouda and mushroom. Each of them is exceptionally tasty, which is convenient when preparing different dishes according to your taste. Melted cheese with natural flavor is universal and can be used at any time. Mushroom cheese has a creamy texture and is ideal for cooking pasta or soup. And gouda will surprise you with its fresh, original taste. Add a Northern European flavor to your dishes!

Valio cheese slices

Each piece of cheese in slices has an individual portioned package. Thanks to this format, this processed cheese will delight you when preparing homemade sandwiches, toasts and even hot dishes, and will also be useful during a snack at work, on a picnic or on a trip.

Valio Cream Cheese

Velvety alternative

Valio cream cheese is distinguished by its velvety texture and perfect aroma. Three flavors are available: natural, garlic and chives. Packed in 180 gram packaging.

Valio cream cheese is made from Finnish milk, does not contain lactose and preservatives. And of course, made in Finland!

Great alternative

Cream cheese will diversify the daily or festive menu. It is delicious spread on bread or used in biscuits. Ideal for both cooking and baking. Cream cheese is a great choice at any time of the day.

Natural or flavored

If you enjoy the natural taste of cheese, you will definitely like Valio cream cheese made from Finnish milk. It is ideal for preparing various dishes, as well as for spreading on bread. If you prefer spicy flavors, try cream cheese flavored with garlic or chives. All three cheeses are lactose-free, with a creamy and smooth texture. Which one will you choose?


The most popular cheese in Finland

Valio Oltermanni® is Finnish familes’ favorite cheese since 1980. Real Valio Oltermanni® is a gentle, high quality cream cheese made from pure Finnish milk without additives.

Valio Oltermanni®, the most popular cheese in Finland, is made from milk from local farms at Valio’s Haapavesi cheese factory. Originally made in 1980, Valio Oltermanni® was a 75th anniversary gift for Valio dairy farmers. It was so well received that it was decided to start selling it in retail in 1981. In less than 40 years, Valio Oltermanni® cream cheese has become the most popular cheese in the whole family.

Valio Oltermanni® is perfect for both morning, midnight and evening snacks, but many of the favorites of family cheeses are also found in cooking. Mild cheeses like Valio Oltermanni® give creamy softness and juiciness to frosting, soups and sauces. Valio Oltermanni® is also a tasty addition to a variety of nutritious salads. The lightly aromatic Valio Oltermanni® cheese on the cheese tray balances the palette of stronger cheeses. Along with its good taste, Valio Oltermanni® – like cheeses in general – is rich in calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth.