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Valio PROfeel® Protein

Valio PROfeel® Protein is a line of high-protein and lactose-free products. Each product contains the highest quality lactose-free milk protein produced in Finland. The products are made from gluten-free ingredients and have a low percentage of fat.

NEW! Valio PROfeel® Protein Vanilla-Meringue Pudding

Valio’s new pudding is distinguished by the subtle flavor of vanilla and the tenderness of meringue. The serving contains 20 grams of protein and has no added sugar. The velvety texture, vanilla bits and sharp flavor will undoubtedly become your favorite. Give yourself unforgettable moments!

PROfeel® mango-vanilla quark, chocolate and caramel puddings range is the best offer for all followers of a healthy life or varied and high-quality food, especially in terms of products without added sugar. All products of the presented line contain the highest quality lactose-free milk protein produced in Finland. Contains no added sugar and is made from gluten-free ingredients with a low percentage of fat.

Valio PROfeel® Protein pudding is delicious with an intense flavor, no added sugar and 20g of protein per cup.

Valio PROfeel® Protein delicious quark, protein shakes and a wide selection of high protein puddingsrange with many flavors will really surprise you! Valio PROfeel® Protein quark is a thick yogurt, the fermentation of which is carried out through a special yeast culture. To obtain a smooth texture, the product is thermally processed and to obtain a higher protein content, it is concentrated like fresh unripened cheese.