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Value-adding food industry solutions 

Valio is known the world over for innovative dairy solutions, offering superior quality ingredients, and sustainable choices for the food and nutrition industry.

Valio Carbo™ partnership programme

Valio offers customers solutions for reducing food chain greenhouse gas emissions.

The future of protein, reimagined.

We are on a mission to make protein better! Enough with the sandy texture and unpleasant flavour that needs to be hidden. With Valio’s new protein concept, you can make tasty products that consumers will love.

Business opportunities

Valio’s high-quality milk powders are made from fresh Finnish milk that is among the cleanest in the world, containing no trace antibiotics. This is possible by committing to a sustainable production, enabling transparent sourcing traceable all the way back to the farms.

Value-adding food industry solutions and all-natural food ingredients

Whether your objective is to provide high protein, reduce sugar or sodium levels, be Kosher or Halal certified, or meet the latest food trends of gut-friendly food, we have the products, solutions, and expertise to achieve these. Valio Food Solutions help you meet the profitability, business and sustainability objectives of the modern food industry.

Give your brand and products more potential and leverage with us. We are committed to bringing sustainable and healthy nutrition to the world.

Let’s make safe and sustainable business together and succeed!

High-quality ingredients and products for the global food industry

The secret behind Valio’s high-quality food ingredients is fresh Finnish milk, pure and clean. The fresh taste starts with the raw material—milk—from our own dairy farmers. The clean Arctic environment, combined with strict quality control, means that Finnish milk is statistically shown to be among the cleanest in the EU.

The use of genetically modified GMO* feed is not permitted in Valio. Milk is also antibiotics residue free. Our commitment to quality carries through our entire quality chain, and we conform to international standards in all our operations.

*ref Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

Our products

New NutriSen study shows positive effects of adding MFGM and milk protein to the diet of seniors

Valio collaborated with leading Finnish nutritional scientists to study the impact of partially hydrolysed high-protein milk products rich in MFGM on the physical functioning of the elderly.

Clean label trend is evolving – consumers still willing to pay a price premium

The clean label trend is not new, but what does it actually mean for consumers?

Woman and two girls.

The Valio 2023 Sustainability Report has been published

Responsibility for the environment, the economy, people and society are embedded in everything we do. At Valio, responsibility plays a key role in our work at different stages of food production.

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