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Valio implements rigorous food safety plans

Valio’s quality dairy products can currently be enjoyed in around 60 countries around the
world. Valio’s relevance is such that it represents approximately a quarter of Finland’s food
exports; and almost 100 percent of dairy exports.

This means that, to maintain the quality that defines each and every one of the references that
Valio produces, the entire value chain is rigorously taken care of. Operations, both during
manufacturing, storage and transportation, are governed by the most demanding levels of
efficiency, to ensure food safety. This is the foundation of our entire business, and has become
one of the essential areas of responsibility at Valio.

How is this food security achieved?

This high demand in terms of food safety is achieved thanks to the implementation of very
precise control systems for raw materials and packaging materials; exhaustive monitoring of
traceability; the existence of certified quality management systems; as well as exhaustive
knowledge about the products. All this guarantees that Valio markets safe and high-quality

Food safety and quality are guaranteed in our factories with the help of certified management
systems and self-control. We monitor risks and changes related to food safety and quality
around the world and update management systems based on this information and changes in
our own operations.

In addition, these food safety protocols are supervised by authorities and in independent
audits. Likewise, the facilities are certified by the relevant authorities and subject to regular

The ingredients and materials we use go through a strict approval process. In addition, we
carry out laboratory tests on our raw materials before use, based on a risk assessment. As an
added guarantee, milk at origin can only be supplied to Valio through farms that have signed
an agreement and that know and comply with the production conditions of our raw material

Self-control is periodically verified in internal and external audits. The results of sampling and
analysis are also covered by internal and external audits.

With the help of our rigorous traceability plan, we know, for example, what raw materials and
packaging materials have been used in each of our products and where each manufactured
batch has been sent; This information is absolutely necessary in the event that a product recall
has to be made from the market.

Product information on packaging.

Accurate product information is important from a food safety standpoint, especially for people
with food allergies and sensitivities. For this reason we make sure that our packaging details
those ingredients that may cause allergies or sensitivity when consumed.

Proper product storage and related instructions are also important for food safety and product
quality. For this reason our packaging provides information on how to properly preserve each