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Milk is the highest quality natural protein

How many times did you heard that milk is not so necessary for a balanced and varied diet? Well, it is a myth since a diet rich in milk proteins is beneficial for health, as stated in the latest recommendations of organizations that fight for universal health.

The European Union and the Interprofessional Dairy Organization (INLAC) have been running a project for several years that recommends the consumption of at least three intakes of natural milk protein a day if you want to bet on a balanced and varied diet. Thus, it is sought to recover the presence of milk as an indispensable food in all stages of life, from toddler to the elderly. In addition, it is intended to end these false myths about this food, enhancing its benefits.

Errors and myths about natural milk protein

There are false myths about the natural milk protein. One of them states that dairy consumption is only necessary during childhood. False. Milk and dairy products provide about 70% of total calcium, recommending a balanced and varied diet and precisely that contribution is necessary in adulthood, and especially in old age.

Another widespread myth is that it ensures that the consumption of milk protein increases cholesterol levels. Flatly false. A study carried out in more than twenty countries, with thousands of people, and published by the magazine ‘The Lancet’ (Sept., 2018), says that taking three servings of dairy products a day can reduce cardiovascular disease and mortality between 14% and 23 %.

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