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What makes Valio milk the best

What makes Valio milk the best

Top quality milk production builds on Valio taking responsibility for a combined series of measures that together promise the best.

We keep our promises to the people who create and enjoy Valio’s tasty milk products, maintaining quality and safety every step of the way to give consumers complete peace of mind.

Valio dairy products are the responsible choice

Valio’s responsibility starts with our farmers signing up to the Valio milk quality system that directs and supports animal health and well-being, proper feeding practices, production hygiene and safety, says Juha Nousiainen Senior Vice President, Farm Services. Valio dairy co-operatives make production advisory services available to their milk producers free of charge.

Exceptionally healthy, properly fed cows cared for by committed dairy farmers provide the best raw milk. Combined with cooperation and expert attention to detail in efficient production minimize wastage and deliver a measurably better result.

“Good hygiene and healthy cows help Valio dairy farms produce some of the best milk in the world.”