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Bakery and pastry

Consumer demand for clean label and natural ingredients is on the rise. By using authentic ingredients, you can produce bakery products that are not only of superior quality but also healthier and more sustainable.

Better business with Valio Bakery solutions

Butter and milk powders are excellent ingredients for enhancing the flavour and taste of baked goods. They also contribute to texture, help maintain moisture, enhance browning, and ensure a high-quality final product. Croissants, pastries, cakes, muffins, or biscuits, Valio offers a large variety of ingredients and a dedicated team to help you.

Premium taste and texture


Superior taste with real butter

The goodness of real, natural butter cannot be substituted in baking. No plant-based oil or margarine gives croissants or pastries the taste and texture that butter does. Butter is an important ingredient in baking and its quality is of great significance.

In puff pastry and other laminated doughs, butter needs to have plasticity for flaky and light texture. In shortbread, the taste of the butter and the crumbly texture play a significant role.

Valio butter gives your products an inimitable taste of butter, great texture, and a deliciously golden-brown appearance. Premium Valio butter does it naturally with no additives. We have over 100 years of experience in manufacturing butter that performs optimally in each bakery application.

Clean label


Clean label is growing

Consumers pay close attention to product formulation and ingredient labelling. They look for products that they deem to be safe, high in nutritional value, avoiding E numbers.
With our applications you can replace emulsifiers, thickening agents and hydrocolloids with clean label alternative and achieve natural labelling and an ingredient list free from E numbers.

Nutritional benefits

Rhubarb curd tart.

No more compromising on taste, texture, or nutrition.

The health and wellness trend also affects the bakery business. Many bakery products associated with snacks; consumers want products that offer genuine nutritional value.
Reduced sugar, free from gluten or lactose, low carbohydrates, and protein enriched products. To address these consumer needs, bakery professionals need ingredients that carry healthy connotations and contribute to great taste and texture.


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Mari Grewall

Mari Grewall

Account Manager Bakery, Ingredients, Oceania, Middle East and North Africa
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