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Lactose free and digestive wellness

As a world’s leading expert in lactose free dairy, Valio can help with product development, recipes, and processes to start your own production.

Lactose free solutions for food and beverage industry.

People want to eat natural and delicious foods that don’t cause digestive symptoms. Consumers feel there is not a lot to choose from in terms of lactose free products. With Valio Eila® solutions, you can expand your product range by adding lactose free products that taste just as good as regular products, offering additional nutritional benefits. Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders, butter and cream offer a great starting point for manufacturing free from lactose or low lactose products.

Industry-proven lactose free applications for dairy

There is increased consumer knowledge about the benefits of lactose free milk and dairy products. Add value to current portfolio and make dairy products available for all consumers by offering lactose free or low lactose options. Lactose free provides business opportunities for milks, yoghurts, beverages, puddings, cream cheeses, and consumer milk powders.

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Lactose free drink powders for superior taste and nutrition

With the right lactose free ingredients, drink powder manufacturers can produce easily dissolving free from lactose drink powders for people looking for digestive wellness or nutritional boost. Valio Eila® also provide other functionalities to create products that are interesting for a variety of consumer segments.

Ideal for products with health benefits, such as bone health, weight management, growth support and muscle strength. They give excellent, natural milky taste and are high in protein and calcium, low in carbohydrates. Make your drink powders superior in taste and nutrition with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders.

Lactose free smoothies.

Nutritional supplements

Premium and pure ingredients for different nutritional supplement applications like sport, weight management or ageing. People at different points in their life benefit from protein in different ways. With Valio Eila® lactose free powders, you can bring the protein and minerals in milk accessible for most people – even those on a free-from diet.

Ready meals

Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders boost ready meal applications with excellent rich taste and texture. This makes them suitable for a larger consumer segment as they are lactose free. Make your ready meal products gut-friendly and nutritious.

Be inspired by our lactose free info package!

Download Lactose free whitepaper and be inspired by our info package!

There is huge business potential in lactose free

Download our guide to capitalizing on the digestive wellness trend with lactose free products and see how you can benefit from it!


Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders offer solutions to versatile applications, delivering a smooth texture and a creamy taste. The unique attributes of Valio Eila® specialty powders, including reduced sugar, increased protein levels, enriched flavour profiles, and digestive wellness benefits, provide value adding solutions to address your new product formulation.


Dennis van der Veer

Dennis van der Veer

Head of Customer Development Dairy, Beverages and Lactose Free Technologies
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