Transparent sourcing

The three most important areas of responsible sourcing are food safety, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility. We verify the quality, safety and origin of all the raw materials and packaging materials we source. Also our suppliers and subcontractors have committed to our responsible way of operating.

About 95 percent of the raw material kilos used in the products we make is milk kilos. Other ingredients include, for example, berries, grains, sugar, and rapeseed oil. Below we address how we source these ingredients.

The milk used at Finnish plants comes from our owner-entrepreneur farms in Finland. In Estonia and Russia, we source our milk from our partnered producers, whose quality we monitor continuously. Read about milk procurement in the section Co-operative foundation.


We buy local raw materials whenever their quality, competitiveness and availability meet our criteria. For us to provide high-quality and tasty products to consumers independent of the harvest, we have various suppliers in Finland and abroad.


Valio’s sourcing policy guides our raw material purchases. We ensure the food safety and responsibility of the sourcing chain through a supplier approval and management process. Read more in our Sustainability report.


Valio Food Solutions serves professional kitchens and the food industry. The dairy products and the juice and berry products sold to these customers are made in-house by Valio. We buy other products, such as frozen foods, from our approved sub-suppliers. The beef, pork and chicken used in Valio-branded products are 100 percent Finnish.

We are committed to the WWF’s fish programme; our frozen foods containing fish do not have any species classified as endangered by the WWF. Since the beginning of 2020, all our products containing fish are made from WWF’s Green-listed fish: i.e. the fish is Finnish, MSC- or ASC-certified and sustainably caught or raised.


The Suonenjoki jam plant produces the jams that flavour our yoghurts and other products. The Pitäjänmäki juice plant makes berry sauces and juices. We favour Finnish berries, based on their quality, availability and price. To ensure availability, we also buy berries, berry mashes and concentrates from elsewhere in Europe. For instance, Finnish strawberries are sold almost entirely to households.

We buy tropical fruit mashes, pieces and concentrates from, e.g., South America and Asia, orange concentrates from Greece, Brazil and Mexico, and pineapple concentrates from Indonesia and Thailand.


In line with its Code of Conduct (Our way to operate − One Valio), Valio is committed to respecting human rights and ethical business operations. In 2019, we invested particularly in the social responsibility development of procurements. We developed the expertise of Valio employees and added new resources to the procurement team. We initiated an extensive assessment of human rights in our supply chain. As part of it, we are also assessing the human rights impacts of the supply chain. Read more in Valio's Sustainability Report.