Sustainability management

A cooperative approach and Valio’s shared values, mission and vision are the cornerstones of our operations.

Responsibility for the environment, the economy, people and society is embedded in everything we do. In line with its Code of Conduct, Valio is committed to respecting human rights and ethical business operations.

Our operations are certified by an independent third party for food safety, quality and environmental management. We make sure that all Valio employees and stakeholders can confidentially report serious concerns related to Valio’s operations or practices by using the Valio Whistle channel.

Creating sustainable business value

Valio’s value chain has many phases that impact the wellbeing of people and the planet. We have identified the sustainability topics that are material to us in our value chain.

The focal points in sustainability

We conducted a materiality assessment together with our stakeholders and separate experts. Valio’s management has validated the identified material topics.

Responsible business focus areas and targets

The focus areas of responsible business are based on the sustainability topics important to us and through which we create wellbeing for society. We also pursue business benefits from these focus areas. We want to be a frontrunner in promoting wellbeing and sustainable lifestyles, in advancing the target of a carbon-neutral food chain and in safeguarding the vitality of nature. We have set targets for each focus area, we monitor them regularly, and we communicate information about their progress in our Sustainability Report.

Ratings systems of relevance to Valio

We have identified the ratings systems of relevance to us and through which we want to continuously develop our operations.

Sustainable Brand Index™ Reputation&Trust survey CDP EcoVadis
Europe’s largest sustainability-focused brand study is conducted by surveying consumer perceptions of the sustainability of brands. In T-Media’s Reputation&Trust survey, consumers name the most reputable Finnish companies. Valio reports on its climate programme’s content, progress, management, and stakeholder cooperation to the international CDP system. EcoVadis assesses Valio’s sustainability and the results are shared with Valio customers.
Valio was voted Finland’s most sustainable brand in the 2021 Sustainable Brand Index™ for the eighth consecutive time.
In the 2021 survey, Valio was the fifth most reputable company, and our score was at an all-time high of 3.88 (3.86 in 2020).
In 2021, Valio received a score of B (programme content and effectiveness), and A- (stakeholder work), on a scale of A-F.
Valio improved its result in the 2021 assessment and achieved a bronze medal.
SBlogo reputationadntrust CDPlogo ecovadis


Valio’s business strategy outlines the integration of sustainability in all operations and in all markets. Our business strategy is based on the owner strategy to develop sustainable milk production, climate efficiency and a circular economy, and to look after animal welfare. Within the Group Executive Board, the head of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations is responsible for sustainability.

The sustainability management model includes decision-making forums and operative teams for environmental and social responsibility issues as well as for the commercialisation of sustainability. The head of sustainability coordinates and prepares the focus areas, which are approved by Valio’s Executive Board; the progress of the focus areas is monitored in the sustainability forum.

Environmental management at Valio Social responsibility management at Valio
Valio’s environmental team consists of experts from across the organisation, representing environment, climate, energy, logistics, packaging development and compliance. The team leads and coordinates the operational progress of the different areas. The head of the climate programme chairs the environmental team. Valio’s social responsibility team experts work across the Valio organisation on social responsibility issues, such as occupational safety, food safety, nutrition, human rights and equality. The team leads and coordinates the operational progress of the different areas. The team is chaired by the sustainability manager.