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Valio Butter for clean label baking products

Butter is a perfect and natural ingredient for professional baking. Its high quality is beyond comparison. Butter gives pastry, biscuits, and cakes irresistible taste with flaky texture. Butter is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of pastries, from croissants to buttery shortbread.

Valio produces premium quality Finnish butter – including lactose-free option – for bakery industry professionals who appreciate its plasticity, consistency, and superior taste. The key ingredient in Valio butter is fresh Finnish cream fully traceable to the farm of origin. Valio butter is lactic, which gives it a naturally long shelf life without the need for added preservatives or freezing.

Why use butter in baking?

Butter gives the melt-in-the-mouth effect naturally.

  • With butter you get a rich and aromatic flavour without any E codes or artificial ingredients or artificial flavour enhancers. It’s always all natural.
  • Butter carries all other flavours. Whether your product has fruit, berries, vanilla or chocolate, butter naturally enhances those flavours.
  • Butter has a lower melting point than margarine, which does wonders to the mouthfeel.
  • Using butter in industrial baking allows manufacturers to position their products as high-end and luxurious, appealing to customers who are willing to pay more for superior taste and quality.

The product and process determine what is required of the butter.


Croissants, puff pastry and other laminated doughs

The amount of butter used in the puff pastry affects how easy it is to roll, how flaky it is, how well the pastries bake, and their taste and colour.

Chocolate chip cookies.


Valio butter creates delicious taste and great crispiness to biscuits.

Frozen bakery product.

Frozen bakery products

Valio butter is perfect for products as it provides great texture and aromatic flavour, and no taste or texture is lost when products are freezed.

Danish pastry.

In premium products

Baked with butter have a fantastic texture and taste that they can be marketed as premium products also in pricing.

ABC of using butter

  • Butter lubricates the gluten network in doughs, making it more elastic for easier shaping.
  • Butter gives products their typical texture: flakiness in products that are rolled, crispiness and fluffiness in products that are frothed.
  • The temperature of the butter is important. Butter needs to be tempered to the correct temperature for different types of products.
  • When used in a proper way, butter offers plenty of genuine taste and delicious experiences.

Puff pastry

The amount of butter used in the puff pastry affects how easy it is to roll, how flaky it is, how well the pastries bake, and their taste and colour


Valio butter creates delicious taste and great crispiness to biscuits.

Valio butter for better baked goods

Consistent quality

Valio butter is produced in one factory always in the same way which ensures stable quality. Finnish climate, pure environment and word-class expertise combine to deliver the best butter in the world.

No additives, non-GMO, full traceability

100-percent natural product. Valio milk from pure clean Finnish environment is among the best in the world. Valio’s family-owned farms use no soy feed to cows.


At Valio, sustainability and responsibility play a key role in our work at different stages of food production. As a part of our commitment to the environment, our goal is to cut the carbon footprint of milk to zero by 2035.

Award-winning Valio butter is especially well suited for laminated dough and leafy end products such as puff pastry and croissants and has a reputation for enhancing the appearance and taste of baked goods the world over.

Valio butter enjoys a long tradition of purity and natural taste, as well as a widespread reputation for quality and freshness.

The roots of our butter making skill go back more than 100 years. Valio was established in 1905 to promote the export of quality butter. Great Britain became Valio’s first export market and later, in 1908 export started to other countries. Today Valio butter is exported to nearly 30 countries.

Valio exports butter especially for use by industrial customers in Europe and Asia; Valio butter is used by bakeries, the processed food industry, ice cream makers, and dairies. Butter made from Finnish, high-quality milk can be tasted in croissants baked by some of the leading bakeries in France, for example.


Get in touch and discover firsthand why Valio butter is the best in the world for professional baking.

Mari Grewall

Mari Grewall

Account Manager Bakery, Ingredients, Oceania, Middle East and North Africa
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