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We are Valio

Valio People

We are Valio

The most innovative dairy and food company in the world

Farmer owned company

Valio is owned by 3,400 Finnish dairy farmers through cooperatives. We pay our operating profits to the dairy farmers. Our products therefore directly support domestic sustainable food production and jobs. This is our way of making sure that we have access to locally produced food whose origin we know.

History of innovations

Valio has grown from humble beginnings. Product and technology exports and globally significant breakthrough innovation have always been a vital part of the business. We have over one hundred years of experience in the international dairy industry.

Operations around the world

We have our own plants in Finland and Estonia, and local sales teams in Sweden, China, and the United States. All of the milk used to make our products in Finland is sourced from Valio’s Finnish owner-entrepreneur farms. In Estonia, we source our milk from our partnered producers, whose quality we monitor continuously.

Sustainability is in the core of our operations

The Finns have chosen Valio as Finland’s most sustainable brand many times. Our efforts to improve animal welfare are resolute, and we know that only healthy cows produce premium milk products. Valio’s milk ranks among the cleanest in the world, and we have zero tolerance for antibiotic residue in milk. Together with our partners, we tackle challenges presented by climate change, and create solutions to make our dairy carbon neutral by 2035.

Beloved products and brands

Our tasty, award-winning products are loved by our customers in ca. 50 countries. Valio’s product development is built around listening to the consumer, a delicious taste and good nutritional values.

Nobel-prize winning innovations

Ever since the Nobel Prize winner A. I. Virtanen was the leader of our laboratory, our legacy has been to increase people’s wellbeing through innovations. Even today, we encourage each other to experiment and invent. We have 350 patents for our innovations around the world.

Owners, governance and management

Finnish milk producers own Valio through 13 cooperatives. We pay out all of our operational profits to the farms. Valio Ltd’s decision-making bodies are the General Meeting, the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors.

Career at Valio

Valio employs ca 4,200 people around the world in various career fields. We work together to make life better – by always catering for our customers and inspiring and supporting one another. We want to give top ingredients and world-class wisdom to all our people, because in our community, everyone has room to grow as a respected and valued professional.