Valio – Pioneer in Lactose Free Dairy

We at Valio can break the common misconception that because a product is lactose free it might also be flavour free.

Consider a myth well and truly busted – you can have taste, and well-being too! Valio is a pioneer in developing lactose free dairy products – in fact, we were the first in the world to develop a totally lactose free milk in 2001.

Today, Valio is the world’s leading expert in lactose free dairy with a unique patented technology which enables Valio lactose free milk to taste just like regular milk.

With more than 100 products, Valio’s lactose free range is now the largest lactose free portfolio in the world covering much more than just milk and cheese, for example.

Valio lactose free dairy is based on clean Finnish milk

“Valio lactose free products have their roots in pure Finnish nature. Our milk is one of the purest in the world, thanks to healthy cows, and it comes from family owned farms in Finland,” explains Category Business Manager Mira Appelqvist.

After more than two decades of product development and marketing know-how, Valio now presents a wide array of lactose free products for international markets: from milk powders to milk drinks and soup; from a brand new Barista-style milk for coffee lovers to cream that’s ideal for cooking and baking.

For export, Valio is uniquely positioned to offer tailored products depending on the market; for example, a requirement for longer shelf life and different kinds of packaging, which Valio can cater for.

Grow a lactose free category

“Lactose free products make a lot of sense in business terms,” Mira Appelqvist states. “It’s double goodness in taste and business as well. With Valio you can take advantage of the growing lactose free demand and build a portfolio suitable for you. Address the needs of your consumers in a proactive way.”

“Growing the lactose free category is something we know a lot about at Valio. We have plenty of information, and we have built the business from scratch in several markets and are now the market leader. It is about adding value each step of the process. With Valio dairy innovations you can cater to many different consumer needs, be it wellbeing or indulgence, lactose free,” Appelqvist says.

World's leading lactose free solutions for the food industry

There is great business potential for lactose free products due to growing awareness of lactose intolerance.

Quick dissolving, and lactose free, Valio Eila® milk powders are excellent ingredients to use for manufacturing drinks, milk chocolates, ice-creams and ready meals.

The demand for lactose free products has increased significantly during the last few years. Valio offers everything you need to make a successful lactose free or low lactose product for your market.

High in milk protein, and low in carbohydrates, Valio Eila® milk powders are ideal as nutritional supplements, or for people with special dietary requirements.


  • Lactose is a natural carbohydrate found in milk. Cow’s milk has approximately 4.8g of lactose per 100g of milk.
  • Lactase enzyme deficiency is an inherited characteristic. Lactose intolerance is a condition where unabsorbed lactose causes digestive problems.
  • Valio’s Nobel Prize-winning R&D centre pioneered the development of delicious lactose free milk.