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Chocolate application

The health and wellness trends are booming in the indulgence category. People want guilt-free indulgences; they crave better-for-you chocolate and confectionery products.

Consumers desire chocolate and confectionery with reduced sugar, clean label and naturalness without sacrificing taste and texture.

Valio Bettersweet™ milk powder solution enables the creation of clean label chocolate with the health claim ‘30% less sugar’. Also, Valio Bettersweet™ opens up the possibility of the ‘without added sugar’ claim.

Our experienced staff can help with dosage, recipes, processes and regulatory support.

Please note that samples are for chocolate manufuctures only. As we only supply to businesses, we can only respond to business email addresses. Samples are limited and not for consumers.

Chocolate samples are not currently available

For further information about the availability, contact Valio sales.