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Valio – The most innovative dairy and food company

Valio, offering the taste of Nordic nature, is a brand leader in Finland and a major player in the international dairy ingredients market. With net sales of EUR 1.7 billion and over 4,000 employees globally, Valio is Finland’s biggest food exporter. Valio products are found in some 60 countries. Our product development follows in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner A. I. Virtanen, and the company holds over 300 patents in 50 countries.

Since its founding in 1905, Valio has stayed at the vanguard of dairy innovation and sustainable production chain. After 115 years our pure natural dairy ingredients, technology, and innovations continue to help the modern food industry to meet the market demand of natural, healthy and tasty food, as well the business, profitability, and sustainability objectives.

Our own family farmers are all committed to animal welfare by caring the happiest and healthiest cows and respecting the nature—our home. The purest milk in the EU is possible by committing to sustainable and traceable production with transparent sourcing all the way to the farms. The clean Arctic environment combined with strict quality control—and Finnish Sisu—means that our milk is one of the cleanest milk in the world.

Towards carbon-neutral dairy 2035

We know our environmental impacts and we are actively working to reduce them. We intend to cut milk’s carbon footprint to zero by 2035.

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